Windows VPS for Survey

With USA Residential IP and Remote desktop access, our Windows VPS gives you ultimate mobility to perform Survey and outsourcing job. Ideal for Survey, Great for VPN and outsourcing work, Windows VPS allows you to host anything you need!

USA Residential Dedicated IP

With our Window VPS for the survey, you will get complete USA Residential IP from Verizon Fiona. For Survey and outsourcing task these residential IP addresses are best for you as they will represent your work from the USA.

Remote Desktop Access

Reboot, Re-install & Shutdown remotely from the control panel as many times you may wish by remote desktop Access. Powered by Windows 10, you can easily be logged in to your windows VPS by remote desktop function and perform your task continuously.

Fast Internet Connection

Along with Residential IP addresses, You will be connected to your Windows VPS via over 150 Mbps internet connection which makes your remote desktop access work more faster than ever.

Software Compatibility

Our windows VPS allows us to host any software or application you need such as project management tools, Survey works, VPN and etc.

Windows VPS for Survey Work Packages

Based on USA Residential IP with High performance and Secure Server

Survey VPS 2

  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 2 vCore from 1 CPU
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated USA Residential IP
  • RDP Access

Survey VPS 4

  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 4 vCore from 2 CPU
  • 1000GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated USA Residential IP
  • RDP Access

Windows VPS Features

Dedicated USA Residential IP

With unique USA based Residential IP, your windows VPS is ready for Business sites, Survey work, VPN and PayPal login, etc

Choice of Windows OS

Select your preferred OS for your Windows VPS from numerous OS presets available in configurable options

Quick Deploy

With payment confirmation of your windows VPS order, your server gets automatically activated and deployed within hours

Enterprise-class Server

Top-notch qualitiful Dell and Super micro servers from our USA and malaysia data center ensures enterprise-class solution

Administrator Access

With administrative access, configure and customize your windows VPS without any restrictions

Guaranteed Server Resource

We provide exactly what we offer. All the resources such as HDD, Ram, and bandwidths are privately yours with no catch!

Choice of Linux OS


Additional Residential Dedicated IP

Add a new Residential dedicated IP address to your server

Additional RAM

Upgrade your RAM to 2Gb, 4Gb, and 8Gb for a minimum price

Additional HDD

Upgrade your Server Space anytime for a small cost

Additional Bandwidth

Upgrade your monthly bandwidth limit as per your needs

* All Add-ons avaliable upon order

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Survey VPS hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Windows VPS for survey comes with USA residential IP, because most survey companies now recognize datacenter IPs, and knows that user is not performing the tasks from the survey locations. So they block the IPs easily, where Residential IPs are always welcome as they are mostly used in households and residential areas and data centers cannot provide residential IPs. By using these residential IPs you can easily ignore Survey site’s block radar and perform your survey task smoothly.
Absolutely, You will get administrative access to Your windows VPS. please note that we won’t have any access to your Windows VPS, so in case of losing the administrative password, you have to reinstall windows again.
You can request for additional Dedicated Residential IP as Add-ons. If you need more IP and disk spaces we suggest you contact our sales and billing department.
We deploy our windows VPS for the survey work as quickly as possible, With the confirmation of payment, your windows VPS for survey will be ready within hours.
Yes. You may upgrade your windows VPS whenever you feel the urge, but you need to place an upgrade order and pay the prorated invoice.