Business Email Hosting

HostBangla Corporate Email hosting is an email solution designed to manage complete email sections of corporate companies. It comes with a user-friendly webmail interface that makes emails accessible seamlessly across mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. With file storage, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes etc now manage your emails in an effective and secure way ever possible.

Custom Email Address, eg: [email protected]

If you are still using free email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, and yahoo mail services these days then your business looks unprofessional to your clients. These free email accounts blemish your business entity images and the detracts the added value you want to deliver to your clients. A company custom email creates a sole image in the eyes of your clients, makes you more potent and helps you to build a trusted relationship with your clients.

Why Business Email Hosting?

Everything In One Easy-To-Use Interface

Send and receive email messages and collaborate from anywhere in the world with a web interface - no matter the device or your location. Supports a variety of syncing methods such as POP & IMAP means you also have the flexibility of using your preferred desktop or mobile client.

Seamless Synchronization On Windows, Apple OS, And Android

Seamlessly sync email, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks across any device and on any email client! HostBangla corporate Mail also supports using CalDAV, CardDAV, Exchange Web Services, IMAP, POP3, XMPP and more. Never miss another email, appointment, live chat or due date, regardless of what device or email, calendar or chat client you're using!

Antispam And Security

HostBangla corporate mail server includes multi-layer, enterprise-level spam filtering that achieves 97% protection out of the box. Plus, it includes several security enhancements including anti-virus protection, support for SSL/TLS encrypted connections, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory integration and more!

Our Mail Server Meet All Your Communication Needs

Suits all scalable business from a sole proprietorship to SME and enterprise organizations

5 Users

  • 5 Users/Mailbox
  • 10GB Total Space
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • SmarterMail Webmail
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Outlook Configurable

10 Users

  • 10 Users/Mailbox
  • 20GB Total Space
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • SmarterMail Webmail
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Outlook Configurable

15 Users

  • 15 Users/Mailbox
  • 30GB Total Space
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • SmarterMail Webmail
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Outlook Configurable

20 Users

  • 20 Users/Mailbox
  • 40GB Total Space
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • SmarterMail Webmail
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Outlook Configurable

Need more user account/mailbox? Contact our sales team

30 Days Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

With our 30 Days Money back Guarantee you are fully protected to try on our Corporate Email hosting. Cancel anytime within 30 days period and get a full refund. All you have to do is let us know and we will proceed.

Business Mail Server Features


Instant access to email from any mobile or desktop web browser! HostBangla webmail interface is both extremely intuitive and easy to use. All you need is an Internet connection!


Take the burden out of organizing your schedule! Create multiple calendars, better manage conference rooms, show task dates, specify working hours and more.

Desktop/Mobile Sync

Give you the freedom to use whichever platform you are most comfortable with! Also, you can sync your email with popular email clients available on the market.


Whether it's access to a Global Address List or a personal list of businesses, executives or more, contacts can be shared or exported in the most popular formats like vCard and VCF

User Collaboration

Share your contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in your company, department or even across a group of users within your organization.


Keep track of anything you need to do! From shopping lists to long-term tasks, create lists of items, set due dates, update status and completion percentage, and even prioritize tasks.

Domain admin features

End user features

HostBangla Client Review

Business Email hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Corporate email hosting is specifically built on focus to business owners who rely on their emails as their major way of communication. You can have your own personalized email from your domain name to communicate with clients and partners. These email servers are secure, steady and on-the-go accessible from portable devices.
Corporate email hosting is designed for SME and corporate organization, where everyday people are dealing with heavy usage of emails. It’s a great pick, when your everyday communication is crucial for your business and when you don’t want to lose a single email!
General web hosting such as SSD web hosting, wordpress hosting usually more affordable because of their shared nature of resources on each server. User may experience slow email access when the usage rate is high among all the shared users. on the other hand, Corporate email hosting is specifically made for mail server operation where only few domains are hosted on each server, which smoothes your email operations and makes your communication more effective.
You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to run the email operations. Our support team will take care of these with no extra costs, You will get your email addresses in no time!
No, you can’t. The purpose of corporate email hosting is to make a fast and steady communication way for your business, Not mass communication.
You can always upgrade to the next package. Contact our sales and billing and our experts will upgrade you to the next available package.
Our Corporate Email Hosting Servers are located in CX2 Data Center, Selangor, Malaysia.