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Boost in SEO Ranking & Build Customer Trust domain, .বাংলা & other BTCL Domain can help your website to get a higher rank in local search engine results. At the same time, it also increases your business credibility in the market as country-based TLDs are more trusted for local customers.

Local Market Recognition

Btcl Domains are the silent footmark of local businesses. If your business is new in the local then your BTCL domain helps you to get local market recognition, also ccTLD extensions such as,,,, helps you to choose according to your business nature.

Protect Your Business Name

Most local businesses are focused on long-run operations and scalability. In today’s competitive market, if you haven’t secured your BTCL domain for local business, then hurry up before your competitors take it away.

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Terms And Conditions

– Submitting your order(s) to HostBangla does not mean your requested domain(s) is/are already registered until payment confirmation is received.

– BD Domain registration open to only Bangladesh Citizens and Businesses Registered in Bangladesh.
– For domain registrations, please email us the signed authorised application form.
– If Supporting Document is not received HostBangla reserves the right to cancel your domain and payment.
– BD Domain registration fees are strictly non refundable.
– You do agree to our terms of service available here.

Benefits of BTCL Domain

We all spend thousands of bucks on online marketing, but we shouldn’t forget that a BTCL domain can give u great SEO advantage. With higher credibility in the local market recognition, Your blog, eCommerce store or web site can rank higher in local search results. When someone searches for service you provide, your local search engine such as GOOGLE.COM.BD will show your BTCL domain website at search engine result pages rather then intl TLDs. BTCL Domain also makes your local footmark stronger as it represents local identity where only Bangladeshi registered businesses are allowed to register a BTCL Domain. If you are still unclear please feel free to knock in live chat or you can always email us at [email protected]

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.bd Domain Registration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A top level domain is assigned to every country to represent the country in the Internet world. For example .uk, .jp, .bd, .au are the ccTLD of United Kingdom, Japan, Bangladesh, and Australia respectively. [ccTLD list]. A two-letter country code specified by the ISO 3166-1 standard is used for this purpose.
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is the sponsoring organization of .bd ccTLD. Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) has been delegated the power to maintain the .bd registration service.
Presently com, edu, net, gov, org, mil sub domains, and .বাংলা domain are available. But “gov” and “mil” subdomains are reserved for government and defense organizations respectively. Registration of such domains should be initiated by the appropriate authority.
No, a domain directly under .bd, such as is not allowed. But, etc are allowed, if available.
You can select any name other than generic terms, name of professions, services, products, sports etc. as a domain name. For example, “Doctor”, “Lawyer”, “Rice”, “School” etc. are not acceptable. Any domain name offending our social practices, culture, religions, and respected personalities will not be accepted also.