About Us

“We are very grateful to you for taking the time to consider us for your professional needs. HostBangla.com only exists because of our obligation to you, the client. Your needs are our needs and no expenditure is spared in gathering these needs.”

A little Background and strategy:

At HostBangla.com we have been providing clients imagination (and Hosting too) since 2008. It all started when one guy (okay, conceptually one guy!) took the initiative, recruited few employees and launched HostBangla with a colocated USA server. Days passed, and we had to be economical by our clients need, even with colocated server we always provided our best effort to offer a quality service with an efficient price.

One little initiative has enforced us to be efficient and effective and find advanced solution for our clients. We are concerned for our customer’s preeminent which lead us to build data centre in our partner company located in KualaLumpur, Malaysia. Our advanced facilities were developed by industries most brilliant network engineer, System admin and developers which really made our services ease and deluxe from users perspective. Developed and designed at every edge, HostBangla is built with clients in mind. No matter you are an individuals, Small business or a Corporate you will be fitted definitely in our service packages.

Since our journey, we have hit the BINGO! Word (our clients say so). Over the last few years we have gained multiple servers, Full-fledged 24 hours coverage Expert team (click here to meet the people beside HB) and more importantly a market reputation with reliability. We value our clients as precious and gained their reliability (That indicates we are not faceless ROBOTS!). We know satisfaction has never ending hike and we are happy that we are assisting our clients to climb more. After all it’s your knowledge that sets you online and it’s us who will hold you there.

Each year yields new advancements in techniques and technologies we are rapidly mounting to leadership in the web hosting commerce due to our client-focused objective, Reach the peak through 3A Approaches: Accommodating, Authentic and Advance so far!

What makes us Accommodating?

An enthusiastic team is activated to afford our customers with the support and maintain they need. We believe in providing an efficient and effective service at budget cost. Our 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support is all in-house with dedicated team accessible via our support ticket.

What makes us Authentic?

Our servers are specially made to bring reliability and durability all the time. The key issue in a flourishing hosting company is making sure the network is speedy and steadfast. Having a reliable network for your website is a must and premium bandwidth is what you get with us. Clients and businesses want fast loading web pages and emails, plain and simple. Our network excellence and rapidity enables us to offer a solid network infrastructure whilst ensuring guarantee in our customers.

What makes us Advance?

Our powerful servers use leading hardware expertise including Intel processor, Dell and supermicro Servers, Cisco and juniper Networking equipment etc.

At HostBangla, we believe the key to the best business associations is thorough consideration of customer needs, priorities and expectations. We also believe that pleased customers are the result of offering punctual, reliable and valuable service. We always attempt to deliver inventive products and state-of-the-art technologies that meet the ever-changing necessities of our clients.

Every single shopper is treated with admiration and our personnel are standing by to assist you around the clock – we are only one click away!